Meet Manny


Meet Manny.

He’s our resident lawnmower, land clearer, hay demanding, scrap eating #goat.

He’s what we like to call our “mutt goat”, because we have NO idea what he is.  I’m 1000% a city girl who fell in love with a country boy.  I have zero idea how to raise goats, but I figure if we can jump in head first into parenting, we can handle goats!

We rescued him a few months ago from a friend of a friend of a friend who had him tied up to a tree 24/7 with an improper diet. Now he roams free with his brother “Gotyer” (more on him later) and bleats bleats the day away on their 5 acres!

He is wonderful with Kaya, who’s one, but we’re still a bit hesitant to leave her out of arm’s reach with him.

Manny takes his snacks seriously.  Kaya and Daddy oblige him daily and reduce household waste in the process!

Apparently, and I don’t know if this is ALL goats or just our Manny, but he acts like a dog! (Our dogs would disagree…) He begs for treats and snacks, comes when he’s called and likes to go on walks and hikes with us! If only he would teach our yorkie how to be so well behaved.

He’s useless for breeding, great for entertainment and helping keep our trash down!

We love you, Manny! ❤


For more on Manny, he’ll be getting a “pedicure” this week! Be sure to check out the clip on Instagram!!

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