Weeds and Wildflowers

For years, I’ve gone back and forth about writing a blog.

“Why would anyone listen to you, Melissa?”

“What makes you a credible source?”

“Do you have anything original?!”

For years…I’ve been able to answer those questions and finally, we’re taking the leap!

LIFE makes us credible!

Everyone is living life their own way and our originality comes straight from that source.  That deep gooey life source that makes us all unique, interesting and loveable.

Raising Up Rentfros is an hommage to the journey that my fiance, Neil , and I along with our one-year old daughter, Kaya have been embarking on!

A little background about “us”…

Neil is a construction worker/contractor in his rural hometown.  He specializes in historical home remodels and has that steady perfectionist hand that it truly requires to get these homes “right”!

I (Melissa) work in sales throughout Texas and have a passion/obsession for photography, graphic design and business (seriously…I have a problem)

Kaya is a rock super star, knocking out milestones, modeling her favorite clothes, advocating for the better treatment of stuffed animals and dads and spreading joy and love with every smile she cracks!

Our everyday lives we open to share with you through a series of blog posts and instagram photos that cover everything from daily struggles, toddler approved and family favorite recipes, activities for moms and dads with and without their littles, life wins, farming/homesteading and our own journey down the aisle on a MAJOR budget.

We can’t wait to share with you and hope you’ll stick around to play and learn with us!

Melissa, Kaya and Neil

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