Morning Routine for A Preschooler

Mornings are hit or miss at our house. Either our daughter wakes up and is happy and ready to tackle the day or she wakes up and NOTHING goes right and everyone is against her. There’s typically not a middle ground here. Establishing a morning routine from birth was imperative for our sanity as new…

Lice, What’s the Truth?

There’s a TON of misinformation out there about lice. Check out some of the most popular myths about these nasty buggers!

The Easiest Edible Tub Paint for Toddlers

I have wanted to be a mother for pretty much my entire life. There are a number of reasons why but what sticks out most to me of those reasons is because of my relationship with my mom and all of the activities (like edible tub paint) she did with us growing up. I have…

Raising A Lady

I was brought up in a beautiful and loving home where children were seen and never heard.  My childhood was quintessential “Pleasantville”…at least the way I remember it.