Four Ways to Eat Elotes

How do I love thee? Let me count the Elotes. If you missed our individual posts, we made a HUGE batch of elotes one weekend because corn on the cob was on sale for cheap cheap cheap! Check out the links below to the recipes that we created with our large batch. I’m hard-eyeing that…

Elotes Soup – Mexican Corn Soup

OK, I know by now you’re probably tired of my elotes posts. That ok! This is the last one, for now. I had to save the best and my favorite for last. This elotes soup is creamy, sweet and savory, filling and warms you up fast!

Carnitas and Elotes Stuffed Sweet Potato

We try our hardest to cut down on any food waste in our house. That being said, we have to get rather creative with our leftovers. Especially if we’re making large batches. We unintentionally had leftover Carnitas and Elotes on hand and a Sweet Potato that was threatening to go bad, the combination is so…

Elotes Stuffed Artichoke

Elotes and Artichokes, sounds like a weird combination! As many great things happen this way, it was a happy accident discovering this combination!

Elotes for a crowd!

I have a slight confession to make. I am a Mexican-American and had NEVER tried Elotes in my life. There, I said it.