Four Ways to Eat Elotes

How do I love thee? Let me count the Elotes. If you missed our individual posts, we made a HUGE batch of elotes one weekend because corn on the cob was on sale for cheap cheap cheap! Check out the links below to the recipes that we created with our large batch. I’m hard-eyeing that soup. It is my personal FAVE!

1. Large Batch Elotes

Here’s your main large batch of Elotes recipe, feel free to par down the recipe to fit your needs but we like to make it in huge batches either for parties, stretching that food dollar or coming up with creative variations!

2. Carnitas and Elotes Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This one was the “man fave” at our house. The hubs does NOT like sweet potatoes but he ate this one up and even requested we make it again. I was seriously shocked that he was into it, but here we are! WIN!

3. Elotes Stuffed Artichoke

This works well for a small-group gathering appetizer. You have to be pretty delicate while stuffing the “choke” so you don’t accidentally take off the leaves. However, it was super tasty and great if you don’t want to dirty a lot of dishes since the “dip” is already on the artichoke!

4. Mexican Elotes Soup

Perfect for fall. This was my personal favorite from the series. It was creamy, warming and had the slightest kick. There are plenty of corn chowders out there, but this one was especially delicious. Kaya, our two-year old, ate it up! Rave reviews from the husband as well! Check it out!

However you try it, let us know your favorites or if you want to see more variations! Elotes are the perfect addition to any dinner or lunch! Here are more ideas we’re experimenting with in our test kitchen:

– Elotes Macaroni and Cheese
– Deep Fried Elotes Bites
– Elotes Ice Cream (seriously…)
– Seared Elotes Cakes

What ingredient is your favorite to experiment with? We’d love to hear from you!

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