Covid19 Travel with AirBNB To KOA La Junta, Colorado

A collective review by Neil and Melissa Rentfro

After a long dusty trail through Oklahoma into Wichita, Kansas and over, we steered into the KOA Campgrounds and Cabins in La Junta, Colorado that we booked through AirBnB. Road-weary and slightly dejected from far too many disappointments at seemingly all shut down breweries to stop at along the way, the sole reason for travelling that particularly lonesome stretch of highway during the COVID19 Pandemic, we idle in front of the La Junta KOA office as the sun sets over Otero County.

Kansas road display metal works
The one cool thing to see in Kansas during COVID travel. And it’s very close to the border of Colorado. We actually have no idea what this is.

The twilight hour and the journey travelled left not much for food procurement, thankfully, the owners of this particular establishment have an answer for that dilemma- They will deliver a pizza from a local establishment, Godfather’s Pizza, between the hours of 4 and 7pm! Management wasn’t too peeved when we called in at 6:50 to order!

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KOA Living through AirBnB

We stayed in one of their 2 bedroom Rustic Camping Cabins (pet-friendly) which are in fact rustic, but warm! The front room combines a full bed with a small sitting area with a mini fridge and microwave. The back room features a small table and two bunk beds. The perfect place to stash the pups and kiddos!

Toddler cozied up in mom and dad's bed
Early Morning snuggle time in Mom and Dad’s bed while Dad walks the dogs!

The cabins themselves do not feature bathrooms, but if that feature isn’t required for you, it’s a short walk to the campsite showers and toilets which are kept incredibly clean. If you need to have a restroom in your cabin, Deluxe Studio Cabins and Tiny Homes are available, but the pet policies vary from KOA to KOA on those.

Be forewarned, these camping cabins are NON-SMOKING and they MEAN it! Sounds like the management has had a bad time with AirBnB guests and not obeying the rules, so let’s show him that we’re better than that. At the time we stayed there, the no smoking rules applied to 20 ft away from the cabin door. Mind you, this is Colorado and they do mean all kinds of smoke. *wink*

We decided to make a couple nights of it to slowly get acclimated to the altitude change en route to Crested Butte, Colorado. Our time was spent mainly at the campgrounds since there was SO MUCH TO DO! Especially if you have young kids.

What to Do at a KOA through AirBnB

When we traveled here, it was mid-September but the air was already starting to get crisp around us in Colorado. Neil and Kaya ended up braving the pool that was miraculously still open this late in the season. They had a BLAST. During COVID travel, you need to reserve a time slot with management so your family will be able to have the pool to yourselves for up to an hour. This helps tremendously with keeping social distancing up!

At around fifty bucks a night (including pet fees), it’s really an unbelievable deal. Couple that great price with a dog park, pool, splash pad, dinosaur statues, mini-golf, playground, a coffee trailer upfront as well as close proximity to stores and restaurants with the generally hospitable nature of RV people…well, there are definitely worse places to have a layover on a road trip.

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