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I won’t lie, it took a minute to really grab onto the revolution. I know, it makes slim to no sense, considering we were quick to jump on the grocery delivery trend earlier this year (check out our Imperfect Foods review here). But now, we’ve decided to cross over into Pet Product delivery instead of shopping at multiple stores like Costco for their foo and PetCo or PetSmart for other various items. Why not try out the delivery service that literally has it all?

We’ve been getting weekly grocery delivery from for about six weeks as of the date of this review. I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve been working from home 90% of the time this year or if our dogs are just getting older and are having more separation issues, but, it seems like none of our three canine fur babies has been in peak health this year. With more of a strain on our wallets from multiple vet visits and tests taken for random phantom digestive issues in all three of our dogs, we had to take a good look at what exactly we were feeding our pack.

The Experiment

We researched food quality, quantity served at mealtimes and sensitivities to certain foods. We found that most dog food brands are basically crap. I don’t think that’s much of a surprise to the modern pet owner but what DID surprise me is that the more premium brands of dog food weren’t cutting it for our pups either.

We started out using Zach’s Quality Dog Food that we found at Costco. We loved this brand for about two years! It was convenient for us to pick up every three to four weeks and came in an oversized 60lb bag that would last a while for all three of our dogs (a German Shepherd, Bull Mastiff and Yorkie Terrier). After their digestive issues started earlier this year, we started experimenting with Blue Buffalo. If you know anything about the brand, you have to actually do the recommended dog food switch (mix a bag with their old food to get them used to the new food) or their issues will become increasingly worse.

The Results that led us to

Turns out, doing things the right way and making the switch to Blue Buffalo still didn’t pay off and we made our poor pups suffer through about three months of Blue Buffalo food while still trying to figure out what was going on. Cleared by the vets, they all insisted that it was the food that they were on and there wasn’t any other internal problems. That’s when Neil suggested we try Hill’s Science Diet for Sensitive Stomachs.

The only problem, it’s REALLY hard to find in stores. We found it at our local PetCo and ordered that first round to do the dog food switch game once more. Another issue we found was the cost. At PetCo, it was about $10 more per bag than what we found on The bags were also TINY compared to what we found at Costco for the Zach’s and Blue Buffalo brands. We knew we’d have to get these at least weekly. delivers right to your doorstep
Pet food and MORE delivered right to your door whenever you’re ready for it.


Since we DO live in COVID-America right now in 2020, a weekly trip to PetCo just for dog food seemed like a pain in the ass. I’m sure you can see where we’re going here. Enter… It solved the digestive issues, the cost issues and the pure laziness issues of not wanting to go to a store every week to get this food.

Some of our friends get their food delivered through, but I never made the switch until about six weeks ago. Let me tell you, I don’t think I can go back. The convenience is just too great! The prices are on point and they have the exact products I need OR I can request them.

Captain Kitters approves of
Even our cat, Captain Kitters, approves! Or he may just be waiting for us to unload so he can have the box.

Pointers for New Members

  • Say Yes to Savings! Save yourself the hassle of trying to remember to order food every week and sign up for their Auto-Ship program, you’ll save 5% right off the bat!
  • Access the Deals! Sign up for the deals and newsletter, there are hidden savings in those!
  • Talk to a Real Vet When you sign up for their Auto-Ship Program!
  • Get Excited! I hate standing in line almost as much as I hate going to the store. delivers right to your home or office!
  • Always be Prepared! has great customer service and a fully outfitted team to keep you on top of your fur babies’ needs. You’ll find everything from toys to food on the website.

OK, so yes the bullet points above are lovely, but let me tell you more about why you need to sign up for their Auto-Ship Program if you end up trying them out.

First of all, Autoship lets you schedule regular deliveries of your pet supplies, so you never run out! Hooray! Better yet, you get to pick the delivery day that works for you and your schedule and you can change it every week if you need to. I find that SUPER convenient with how much we travel.

Autoship is FREE! You and cancel or change your Autoship anytime. Perk though, you save 40% on your first Autoship and an extra 5-10% on select brands for all future autoshipments.

I also love that I get an email from to remind me of my autoship orders and also when it ships.

You can also get your pet’s prescription medications set up on autoship as well! BONUS!

Oh and they just added another feature where all autoship members can access a Vet to speak with M-F 8a-8pm!

Want to try it out? Click this link!
I want Chewy!

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