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We are due with baby Rentfro #2 in January 2021 and we could not be more thrilled! However, I am a plus size mom to be and that comes with a certain set of high risks when pregnant. I knew going into this pregnancy that I would be considered high risk because of my weight, but “high risk” doesn’t mean DEATH. It just means that we need to be extra careful and mindful of how we treat our bodies over the next 9 months. Or in my case, now two months.

With our first baby, I was 31 and 32 while pregnant with her and things seemed so much easier just a mere three years ago. This time, I’m 35 and I feel it. Yes, I’m aware that 35 is still “young”, but when you’re a mom to be, let me tell you, it’s different than 31/32. Like night and day different. At that time, I was still considered high risk because of my weight, but not because of age. This time, age contributes to that label. Your body truly does start slowing down and you can feel all the aches and pains. It’s a thousand percent worth it though, to bring another sweet bundle into our lives.

Just take a look at this cloud of symptoms below that I have this time, that I DIDN’T have during the first pregnancy. Sure, all pregnancies are different, but again, age is a factor here.

word cloud of pregnancy symptoms
Second Pregnancy Symptoms

So basically any negative symptom you can have, I’m pretty much having it. You’d think this would make me super cranky, right?! Nah. I’m not going to lie, I do have my moments where I just need five minutes to myself before jumping back in the life game, but for the most part, I maintain an extremely positive lifestyle. The good so strongly outweigh the negatives and I’m so fortunate to live in modern times where products like the ones below are so readily available to help out with these symptoms for plus size moms to be!

Here’s my list of MUST HAVES for high-risk plus size pregnant moms to be!

Amazon Must Haves with five of the products mentioned

TOP 10 Plus Size Mom to Be Products to Buy on Amazon

Mom to Be Bedroom Buys

  1. HOT FLASH PILLOW $29.95
    I don’t know about you, but I am a die-hard FAN SLEEPER. My bedroom needs to be arctic to be a happy sleeper. I know this about myself and thank God for sending me a husband who likes it cold too. With my first pregnancy, my mom gave me essentially a long bean bag that I’d throw in the freezer until it was time for bed and then I’d cuddle up with that or put it over my eyes until I fell asleep. It was wonderful but our dog ended up deciding they wanted to tear it up one night. I never replaced it until now. I ended up with one of these bad boys that has literally saved my sleep (as much as possible).

2. Knee Pillow $21.99
Bye bye lower back pain and Sciatica! I only recently gave in and got this bad boy because my pain was SO BAD. There is a noticeable positive difference already, but it does take some getting used to when you’re sleeping with it. This mom to be is so thankful to have this as a new addition to the pregnancy product list now!

3. Cooling Mattress Topper $41.99
For the same reason I got the hot flash pillow, I bought a cooling mattress topper. We have a memory foam bed and that thing can hold some HEAT! Getting this cooling mattress topper allows the mattress to breath a bit more and keep myself and my husband comfortable all night long!

Mom to Be Clothing Buys

4. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Essential Stretch Full Length Secret Fit Belly Leggings $19.95
Super long name, but the key word here is ESSENTIAL. These leggings are SO soft. SO stretchy. SO comfortable. After wearing them for a week (yes, I washed them in between wears…although, they did manage to stay on for bedtime too LOL), this mom to be ordered a second pair. These leggings are seriously a must have. I don’t know about you but I started outgrowing my bottoms right around the 4 month mark. I delayed getting these until I was about 6 months pregnant, but the difference was like night and day in regards to my comfort level. Seriously, just get these.

5. My Bump Women’s Maternity Casual Bohemian Palazzo Pant with Tummy Control $22.99
These bad boys I got earlier in my pregnancy, probably right around the 4-5 month mark. They wear like PJ pants, but you can totally get away with dressing them up or down depending on the occasion. The tummy control isn’t really on par with the leggings above, but stretchy enough to accommodate your ever-growing belly while not rolling down. I was worried that these would shrink when I washed them, but I live on the edge and washed and dried them like normal. No shrinkage! They hold up very well and will last long past our little one’s due date! These are definitely the perfect transitional maternity pant! I probably would not wear them to the office, but since everyone is working from home, for the most part, these days, not a bad option to maintain ultimate comfort levels! They are very thin though, this doesn’t bother me since I prefer to be cold over hot! Side Note: I hear the black ones are really see-through, just a head’s up!

6. Intimate Portal Foldable Under Bump Maternity Cotton Underwear 3-pack $17.99
It took me forever to figure out what kind of underwear to get when mine started cutting into me. I didn’t want to look like a grandma, but I also didn’t want the underwear to roll or slide down and be pointless either. I took a chance on these under bump cotton style three-pack and they did not disappoint! They are seriously so comfortable that I bought another set! They do run a little large, at least for this mom to be, so keep that in mind if you do purchase them.

Mom to Be Health and Beauty Buys

7. Brita Ultramax Ultraslim Dispenser, Extra-Large 25 Cup $44.99
Weird to see a water dispenser on this list, right?! Well, if this is your first pregnancy, you’ll be surprised to learn exactly HOW much water you need to drink throughout the day. For a surprisingly long time, I was Miss Picky Pants about the filtered water from the fridge. It tasted SO off that I ended up subscribing to Essentia and getting 24 bottles delivered to me every week. With all the plastic bottle waste and still not getting the water that I needed, I researched my options and settled on this ultra-slim design that slides perfectly into our fridge and takes up practically zero space. I fill it up every night and it’s enough water to give me and baby what we need throughout the day without the plastic waste and without the pricey overhead cost!

8. Essentia Water, Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water, 33.8FL OZ., 12-pk $19.89
Yeah Yeah, I did say I moved away from these above, but I do have a spare 12-pack on hand most times for when I DO go out and about. These last me about a month now though instead of spending $40/week. I absolutely could fill up one of my water bottles at home with the Brita, but these are so handy for this mom to be to just grab on my way out and they taste phenomenal!

9. Heeta Hair Shampoo Brush, Scalp Massager with soft silicone head, Pink $7.98
I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure during this pregnancy and the medication they put me on had me tearing at my scalp with all the itchiness. The only temporary reprieve I had was my daily shower and washing my hair. Eventually, the itchiness subsided as I got used to the medication, but I bought this bad boy to help with the itchiness. I still use it to this day and will probably use it long past the baby due date. Bonus: I even bought one for our preschooler, it helps tremendously when you can’t bend down all the way to scrub their heads in the tub!

10. Schick Hydro Silk Touch Up, Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool, 3 count $4.99
One of those untold pregnancy side effects is crazy facial hair growth. WOO! Thanks, Hormones! But no worries, these ridiculously affordable dermaplaning tools are so easy to use. It wicks that peach fuzz right off so you still feel your tip-top best and not self-conscious around your hubs/boyfriend/friends/whomever. Did you know that it helps your make up do its job too? Your make up will sit right on your face instead of on top of your new-found facial hair which oftentimes will enhance the look of the actual peach fuzz. Who knew!? At any rate, I do this probably once every month or so and it works just fine. And NO your hair doesn’t grow back thicker and darker!

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