Fiesta Night!! (Part 1)

OK, I accidentally made the most amazing salsa tonight due to a jalapeño shortage at our local HEB.

We’re in the process of growing some ourselves (thanks to our dear friend Peter who was kind enough to get a seedling started for us!) But, they’re just not ready yet! WAH!

And when a salsa calling hits…man it hits and I want it in and on EV-ER-Y- THING!

Here’s what went down…

I was planning on making Taco Stuffed Peppers (from this recipe from Six Sisters…it looked delicious and I’m sure it is along with all of their recipes, I will still need to make it when I’m more prepared).

It called for one cup of taco sauce OR one cup of salsa…I opened the fridge and…NADA! (Ok, don’t let me lie…I had maybe ¼ cup of PACE…it just wouldn’t do)

“What the hay hay, why not make my own!?” I thought

I call up the fiancé as he’s coming home from work (he loves it when I do that) to see if he could pick up a couple of jalapeños for me or more pre-made salsa.  Man, am I ever glad he doesn’t listen to me! (just kidding honey!)

He brought home serranos.

Serranos seriously used to scare me…

Like, until about two hours ago.

I had everything already chopped up and in the food processor ready to hit “GO” so, there was really no turning back.

I’m SO glad I went through with it! I ended up NOT making the original stuffed bell peppers because I didn’t have enough so threw out the idea and created our very own tasty TACO BELL pepper casserole…noms!! (hah…see what I did there…and no, we are in no way affiliated with Taco Bell…just a haw haw)

Easiest recipe ever award…right here.

I quartered four roma tomatoes (I actually think another kind of tomato snuck in there because it was unlike any other roma I’d ever seen…heirloom maybe? I don’t know…again, city girl here trying to figure this thing out!);

added half an onion (cut into quarters);

two serranos (yeah, definitely de-seeded here, but if fire mouth is your thing, by all means go for it!);

four tablespoons of minced garlic (or four cloves, minced…we like garlic in our house…sometimes I just open the garlic canisters and smell them…what…don’t judge me);

A handful of cilantro;

two teaspoons ground cumin,;

the juice from one lime;

a bit of salt and pepper


Find some chips for snacks or use it in this next recipe (TACO BELL pepper casserole, remember??)!

What’s YOUR favorite salsa?! Anything you’d add or take out of this? We’re loving it here!





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  1. Inge Walker says:

    I love that this is a classic salsa recipe, but has a twist with the serrano! It sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to try it.

    1. Thanks Inge! It is definitely a classic and going to be a new staple in our household! Let me know if you have any tweaks and I’d love to try your variations too!

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