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We’ve been inspired.

As a family.

Anyone who has ever been “a family”, knows that’s not something easy to accomplish as a whole.  

Women, we…ok, I…live in a “fantasy-land”  where everyday my fiance and I walk around like we know mostly everything about everything…(with the help of our Google machines in our pockets).

We feel equipped to discuss parenting styles, Montessori and play-based curriculum, schedules, the importance of routine, manners, fashion, ridiculously delicious recipes  and in general, the ways of the world… in it’s entirety.

We are the world’s modern “thirtynager”

We are the divorcees; the first, second, and third time moms; the ones with crushing debt; the ones that don’t stay with jobs for more than two years; the ones who naively seek self-actualization before even starting on our basic needs but it’s ok because “it worked out for so-and-so in the end”…

We may not have amounted to much yet, but watch out. Our time is coming and there is change happening.  I can literally FEEL it.

A couple of weeks ago, Neil and our friend, Eleana, dragged me out of the house to a good-bye party before we started packing up our house. (the party was not for us by the way).  It was a family-friendly place in downtown Bastrop, TX that serves craft beer on tap. We’re chasing our toddler around their old school arcade area and naturally, Neil gets hungry.

He wanders over to the fold out table display at the front of the hall. I’m literally thinking, “You fell for the trap!!” Places like this always set the food trap for whenever the munchies strike (smart).  I usually try to stray from these since I know they’re usually way overpriced and more often than not, SO not worth it.

You guys…I would trip down the stairs of a Mayan temple twice over willingly for what we fell into that day.

Neil walks back to the lounge area (that we allegedly “stole” from someone who stuffed her purse under a pillow…) carrying two sagging plates of caveman approved, finger-licking, down-home, southern, Texas friggin’ BBQ.

At first I roll my eyes at him because he always gets WAY too much.  Not this time…This time, I wanted seconds.

Texas BBQ
Dishing out delectable Texas BBQ

Neil was the one who strongly encouraged us to do a write up on them and I wasn’t disappointed.  Pit Master, William Triplet and his wife, Heather, are the most laid-back and dedicated couple that truly know what it takes to make a venture like this operate well. They both are fully invested in the business and mentioned that it takes an all hands on deck approach to keep the business in motion.  Their kids are with them most of the time and they all seem to really like being part of the fun!

Starting about a decade ago to “get away from his ex-wife” (hah!), William set out to smoke his first brisket.  It was at that moment that his father-in-law at the time strongly encouraged him to market and sell his cooks. Fast forward a few years later, he met his (now) wife, Heather, who believed in him immensely.  She and her family and he invested in the venture and started to take catering orders as the rest began rolling along and falling into place! They said it took a while to really get going but now they are looking to open a physical location in the downtown  Bastrop area to better serve their growing fan base!

An amazing family, amazing fare and a great story, Triplet Family BBQ does NOT disappoint! Be sure to catch them at Bastrop Beer Company until their first location opens up!

Pit Master William Triplet Jr, wife Heather Triplet and children Kayla and Kane (William Triplet III not pictured)

Now, the food…

The sausage was sweet, spicy, juicy and snappy all at once; The ribs…oh my God, I think it just hopped in my mouth off the bone; The brisket….Holy Hell. If anyone saw the clips we posted on our Instagram, IGTV, or Facebook pages KNOWS what I’m talking about just by looking at it (shameless promotion…take a look below and give us a follow!).  It was juicy, tender, sweet and smoky (but not TOO much) with something that just made that taste stay with you and need more.  

It was addictive.

Melissa Grades Meat: Solid A

Neil is definitely the BBQ purist in our family and takes meat seriously.  (who also knows his way around a pit) My forte has always been the sides.

Sides are accessories.  They make your meat beautiful and the meal memorable. They are important!

The plate Neil brought over of the sides was almost ridiculous looking.  I make a point to always try the beans at every BBQ place we go to. I am very picky about my beans and will not eat it if I don’t like it and will likely never order it again.

If there is one thing you must do if and when you track down this BBQ…get the damn beans.

Get double.  Triple. Take a trough and trailer.

I seriously don’t even know what else to say about these. They’re amazing.  The BEST beans I have ever had.

I apologize to the Triplet Family, I didn’t even try the other sides, we’ll have to defer to Neil on this one!

Melissa Grades Sides: A (ugh…Neil says I can only give an ‘A’ because I didn’t try the others…it’s an A+ in my heart)

Pit Master William Triplet Jr. slicing it up!

A Word From Neil

The brisket was a tasty, traditional style Central Texan smoke.  It tasted like it was smoked over Oak and it delivers exactly what one should expect of Texas BBQ.  As a man who enjoys the burnt ends best, I get all of the smoke flavor as well as the rub, fat and meat.  It delivers a well-rounded brisket experience and earns a solid “A”!

Those pork ribs.

So, the thing about BBQ guys is…we all think ours ROCKS.

The rub on those ribs shares some key ingredients with the rub that I use on my own…therefore…these were rockin! First try, they were too cooked for competition and fell apart with no resistance.  The second try had more of a pull that was in line with competition standards.  But since this isn’t a competition, NO complaints here! Solid “A”!

The sausage was peppery, the casing had a proper snap with just the right amount of juicy goodness I look for.  This was hands down, the star of the meat categories!! Another A from me!

Neil Grades Meats: A!

The sides were a traditional mustard potato salad and then those beans that Melissa talked about above!


There’s almost more meat in them than beans, but I didn’t hear anyone complaining about that!

Neil Grades Sides: A+!

Bonus Points: Kaya, our one year old…LOVED it all and kept opening our to-go box, she finished off the beans and brisket before we could even get the rest home!!! We’re so proud.

Triplet Family BBQ is located in Bastrop, TX.  They frequently serve their fare at Bastrop Beer Company and various events around the area and are gearing up to open their first physical location in the downtown area. They are available for catering and private events as well!  To contact them, visit the Official Triplet Family BBQ Facebook Page or call (512) 992-3450

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