Easter 2020! A Quarantine Experiment

We had a very different Easter this year as did the rest of the world, I’m sure! We typically never spend it at our own home with only our immediate family, we usually are visiting Neil’s family in Bastrop, TX, or mine in Houston, TX. While we so missed our fun family time, it really was nice to get a couple of our own family traditions rolling.

Easter bunny cake!

My mom used to make a bunny cake for our family EVERY YEAR without fail. Since we’re never celebrating at our own home, I’ve never made this myself. If you open any video around Easter, you can see that she was not the only one that would make this festive cake! My mom was very much a box cake type of mom, YAY 80s and 90s moms!! But, I like to do things as much from scratch as possible. I only made some minor tweaks to another blogger’s cake recipe (link below) but it was PERFECT!

I was so excited to share this inherited family tradition with Kaya this year! She had a blast making it, especially with the decorating (and EATING)! We kind of winged it with our decorations and what sweets we had on hand since we weren’t expecting to be here. No matter, we both had a great time! My sister informed me that this is the perfect child-led activity (decorating)! That just gave me the gold star of parenting in my book (HA!)

Mom and Toddler decorating a cake

easter Egg decorating!

We also figured out a fun new way to decorate eggs! They turned out SO COOL! Kaya called them her “Dinosaur Eggs” so I’m sure we’ll be doing those again next year!

Toddler smiling with Easter eggs

Thank the good (risen) Lord that we are insanely flexible! We didn’t have to go out to buy an egg dye kit, but instead worked with what we had on hand. I honestly don’t know if I want to go back to the box kits, this was so easy and not nearly as messy!

dyed Easter eggs

what’s for easter dinner?

This year, we opted to order our Easter dinner from Union Bear Brewery. They are one of our favorite brewery and tap rooms to visit. Their food is fantastic in an upscale environment so I was sure they wouldn’t disappoint.

For an extremely relaxed price, we got enough food to feed us for a week. We had Glazed Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Glazed Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, Rolls and Butter from Scratch, a delicious salad with a vinaigrette, and of course our Bunny Cake for dessert. Just WOW! I honestly am thinking this might be the way to go for most holidays!

Let us know if you try the cake or if you like this way of egg decorating or check out our YouTube Channel covering our Easter! Be sure to comment and subscribe to our blog so you won’t miss a beat!

YouTube thumbnail with Rentfro family and Easter Activities
Click Here to Watch our Easter on YouTube!

But…What Did You use?!

For the Easter Bunny Cake Recipe- We Used “The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake” from The Stay at Home Chef (Recipe Here) The only tweak we did was we subbed greek yogurt for the buttermilk only because we didn’t want to “waste” our precious milk (at the time) to make our own buttermilk for the recipe.

For the Easter Bunny Cake Frosting- I whipped up two blocks of cream cheese, a ton of powdered sugar and milk until it looked like frosting. Easy peasy and I use this for pretty much ALL of my frosting needs. If I had to guess it would be: 16 oz cream cheese, 5 cups powdered sugar and 3/4 cup of milk

For the Easter Bunny Cake Decorations-
Callebaut Chocolate Discs 60.3%
Tru fru Nature’s Raspberries Hyper-dried Fresh in Dark Chocolate
Tru Fru Dark Chocolate Dipped Freeze-Dried Fruit, 12-Pack Grab & Go, Strawberry
Wilton 710-4282 Sprinkles, Assorted

For the Dyed Eggs-
We took our Wilton Gel Food Color Set and added 10 drops of each color to two plastic cups filled about half full of rice. Once those are thoroughly mixed, flip both cups together and shake! Place an egg in a cup and shake them together!

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