Maple cinnamon sugar peaches

Snickerdoodled Maple Peach Cobbler

Where are my Disney/Pixar friends?! (for this one reference…)

If you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen Ratatouille, just go ahead and do yourself a favor and get this movie…like now.  It’s adorable and I love the fun they have with cooking and food!!  (The dreamy French overtones don’t hurt either)

The point of this post is NOT to pitch this cute movie but I’m really relating to this scene in the movie right now…

You know when the mean food critic, Anton Ego, eats a bite and is instantly transported to another time and memory?  This scene PERFECTLY depicts the feelings I had while creating (and eating) this scrumptious recipe.

A few weeks ago on our Instagram, we held a stories poll for our followers to vote on what they wanted us to make with our fresh peaches that JUST came to ripen on our tree last week.  Cobbler won 60% to 40% over crisp!  Continue reading “Snickerdoodled Maple Peach Cobbler”